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 From Avalon
 to Camelot

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 Background pictures:
 above: St Nectan's Glen, Cornwall
 top: Kenmare stone circle, Eire
 below: the Scots Highlands


Gothic Image Tours

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Gothic Image Tours - sacred journey tours discovering ancient Druids, Celts, Arthurian legend, stone circles and crop circles.

Myths and megaliths, landscapes and legends

Guided tours to the sacred and spiritual sites of Britain, Ireland and Caucasian Georgia.

Our sacred site and spiritual tours are specifically designed as journeys of the soul to reconnect to the magic and mystery, the myths and legends of the ancient past and to encourage personal transformation, self-development and discovery.

Accompanying your visits to the sites are our expert tour guides, including renowned authors, musicians and speakers such as Arthurian scholar Geoffrey Ashe, dowser and prehistorian Sig Lonegren and Ireland expert Cary Meehan. Your tour leader, Jamie George, has been running tours since the 1980s.

Early Bird Discount on 2017 tours if booked before end of Janary 2017.


From Avalon
to Camelot



Sacred tours and spiritual journeys to ancient sacred sites in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.





Short Tours

Stonehenge, Avebury
Glastonbury, Tintagel
and Crop Circles


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Fully escorted pilgrimages to Britain's sacred sites

Avalon to Camelot - journey through the myths of time. 6th - 15th June 2017
Mysterious Wales - land of Merlin. 26th Sept - 5th Oct 2017
Sacred Scotland - the blessed isles. July 4th - 16th 2017
Enchanted Ireland - faery faith land. 10th - 22nd May 2017

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Day tours of ancient circles, stones and castles

We also offer half- and full-day tours which can be designed for your group. Sites include Glastonbury the Isle of Avalon, the world's largest stone circle at Avebury, and Tintagel the birthplace of King Arthur. More about Day Tours...


Tailored tours with expert guides

We can create a tour package specially designed for your group or party - perhaps to connect with Merlin, King Arthur and the Holy Grail, or to visit Celtic shrines, stone circles, crop circles or the Da Vinci Code sites. Contact us and we'll be happy to help organise your perfect tour.



Gothic Image Tours

7 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DP, UK

tel: +44 (0)1458 831281  fax: +44 (0)1458 833385


Gothic Image Tours: sacred site tours and spiritual journeys