Transformational journeys in sacred landscapes

Jamie GeorgeJoin us on a soul journey which opens you to the healing energy of ancient sacred landscapes. Surrender to the magic of moving through the veil of time, of listening for messages from the ancients, messages that could transform your life in ways you never dreamed of. Return home, refreshed, renewed and inspired.

The British Isles are like a storybook full of tales of magic, mystery and imagination. The Celts called these lands ‘the Blessed Isles of the West’ where history, myth and legend intermingle to create a colourful and intriguing tapestry of a magical past. Here archetypal figures such as Merlin, Arthur and Morgan Le Fay loom large.

Our ancestors bequeathed to us a legacy of shrines and holy places, set in a living landscape full of symbolism and meaning, awesome in their power and beauty. We travel through some of the most beautiful and inspiring parts of the British and Irish countryside, including places known only to a few.


On our journeys, we visit holy wells, enchanted forests, stone circles, dolmens of the dead, fairy mounds, magical caves and sacred islands – all with a story to tell. Guests with specialist knowledge and insights into the history, myths and legends of places join us along the way.

The mood of our journey and shared quest into the nature of life provides a safe space that reinforces our sense of oneness and brings us to an awareness of our full potential. This is helped by guided meditations, quiet reflection, music, poetry, stories and rituals that move us from the apparent to the spiritual world.  Tarot is another magical tool we call upon to explore the link between our inner soul journeys and the places we visit on our pilgrimage.

I look forward to warmly welcoming you on the tour of your choice.

With peace and blessings of the Earth Spirit.


(Jamie George,
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The 2018 Tarot Magic in Sacred Scotland tour opened with a Druid ritual to celebrate Beltane at Clava Cairns near Inverness.