Gothic Image Tours testimonials

Friendships that continue beyond the shared journey, laughter, cameradie and soulful moments – just some of the feedback we receive from our spiritual pilgrims.

My recent trip with Gothic Image Tours to Sacred Scotland with Jamie George and Linda Marson was absolutely magical from start to finish.  Every single place we visited was wondrous!  Jamie and Linda were fun and interesting but also very conscientious and sensitive to each of the attendee’s needs and wishes, making it a truly memorable experience for all...Jessica, USA

There are many reasons why the four tours I’ve been on were right for me, but one thing seems consistent: you attract interesting participants who are seekers on many levels. Perhaps to take “the road less traveled” to experience history, spirituality and culture from all places on the travel spectrum. Some who have studied, or even taught. Been openly curious, or carefully skeptical. And usually independent thinkers who generate lots of thoughtful after-dinner conversations. For me it was water in the desert and I can’t thank you enough. Chris, USA

Jamie and Linda, many thanks for leading all of us on what has been, for me, a most meaningful and memorable trip! Spending quality time with my sister and her husband and visiting places so important to them and in their lives, made this an unforgettable and hugely valuable experience, one I will treasure the memory of always. With my deep gratitude and affection…Dana, San Francisco California, USA.

I have visited the sacred places of England numerous times, including a dowsing tour of the Michael and Mary Lines, but no tour ever matched the fun, mystery, and focus on travelers as this Gothic Image Tour. Spiritually refreshing and intellectually stimulating, we met extraordinary experts and practitioners of the gleam and indulged in mother nature at her most extraordinary glory. The daily Tarot was a brilliant addition. The fellow travelers were great company, gifts of the old gods were many, the memories forever, and the quest inspired.

Thank you Jamie and Linda for sharing the magic. Hugs… Nikki, Borrego Springs California, USA.

Jamie is a wonderful guide – what I especially like is the way he places you in just the right spot at the right time and then steps back, completely out of the way, and lets you find your own relationship to each sacred place. Journeying with like-minded souls in these truly magical places, is worth every minute. Go whenever you feel the need for something to shift in your life – you won’t be disappointed and you may find something you never expected!…Kim, USA

I felt the tour was organised in an organic way that allowed us to feel safe… safe in the sense that we could be fully present wherever we were. We could pay attention to the landscapes and sites, to our reaction to them and the conversation between our souls and the places while we were there….Both Jamie and Linda paid close attention to us during the tour without shepherding, without pushing one way or the other. They were simply present and between the two polarities of their presence, we could simply drop into places and what they revealedTom, Minnesota, USA.

Gothic Image Tours testimonials

Thank you again for an amazing tour to Scotland.  The tour was beautifully crafted. The sequence of powerful sites, comfortable non-touristy lodging, delicious meals, even the miles of travel accompanied by Scottish music, together shaped an extraordinary experience in an extraordinary land…I am grateful for Jamie’s genius in creating space and safety to explore, for Linda’s Tarot wisdom, and for the delightful sense of humor you both freely shared with us.
Anne, Minnesota, USA

The Sacred Scotland tour was a wonderful experience – loved travelling with Linda and the Tarot. Barbie, Western Australia


Not feeling like a tourist is one of the great things about the tours. On Orkney we had a house and garden to ourselves, a private coach to take us places. We felt more like pilgrims than visitors. Tracey, New Zealand

Thank you, Jamie and Linda, for the absolutely fantastic and perfectly orchestrated journey in Sacred Scotland. The highlights for me were the opening Beltane ceremony, Woodwick House on Orkney, Iona, the closing ceremony at Temple Wood, and the beautiful people I journeyed with, some of whom, have become life long friends and are special soul mates throughout the lines of time. I am deeply grateful for this wonderful experience. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will be remembered for lifetimes. A memorable magical journey indeed. I would recommend your tour in a heartbeat to anyone…Peggy, Israel

As someone who’s travelled independently for most of my adult life, I wasn’t at all sure about taking a tour with people I didn’t know. But it was the best decision! There were a whole lot decisions I didn’t have to make – all my meals and accommodation were looked after, and I rode in a coach I wasn’t driving! I could just turn off that worry voice. Pamela, New Zealand

Thank-you so much, Jamie, for sharing your joy, wit and wisdom with the group. An unforgettable journey. 
Cindy, Michigan, USA

This was the first time I had travelled in a small group. It was so much better than being on a large coach tour where you spend hours on a bus every day. Tours with Gothic Image are designed to capture and inspire your soul…I highly recommend them. I have such fond memories of my trip in Scotland…thank you Jamie and Linda for putting so much effort into ensuring we all had a wonderful and amazing journey.
Julia, Australia

Gothic Image Tours testimonialsAn amazing magical journey. Blessed Be.
Tracey, San Francisco, USA

There are no words that can express how thankful I feel for this life changing experience.  Michelle, Boston, USA

You took us through a sacred portal and created an incredible journey. My sacred journey continues.
Suzanne, Iowa, USA

Thank-you for sharing in our dream and helping to make it all wonderful.
Leslie, Toronto, Canada

Thank-you Jamie for sharing your heart – love of this place – caring for us so well. Namaste.
Agnes, Los Angeles, USA