shop-front-1Gothic Image Tours has been operating since the early 1980s as a wing of Gothic Image bookstore and publishing house based in Glastonbury, England. The tours sprang from a call to offer small groups of pilgrims a way to explore and discover the spirit of the land by visiting the ancient sacred places of Britain and Ireland.

“In the late 1970s, I began offering guided journeys around Glastonbury, which then grew to include Scotland, Ireland and Wales,” says Jamie George. “At the same time, Gothic Image began publishing well known authors such as John Michell, Geoffrey Ashe and John Matthews, so it was only natural to invite them as guests on these sacred journeys. So that’s the story of how the tours started.

“Another turning point came when Marion Zimmer Bradley contacted me about helping with research for a new novel and asked if I would like to accompany her to places around Glastonbury, as well as to Tintagel and other Arthurian sites. We became firm friends and her epic novel, The Mists of Avalon, went on to become a best-seller. She came back over the years and took part in the tours, particularly to Scotland. She loved the Inner Hebrides and Iona and Orkney.”

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