To book tours of Glastonbury and surrounding areas, simply contact Jamie George at Gothic Image Tours. Mention the tour you’d like to do, the number of people in your group and your preferred dates. Jamie will then confirm arrangements, including final price and time and place to meet.

Glastonbury: the Ancient Isle of Avalon (half day)

Enjoy the special atmosphere of Glastonbury, the Ancient Avalon, the New Jerusalem and England’s ‘Holyest Earthe’. The quality of light and unusual landscape in the area makes Glastonbury a place of magical and natural enchantment.

On our journey we visit the hills, holy wells and ruins of this ancient and sacred Isle of Avalon. We explore and discover the immense prehistory of the area: the ancient Goddess, the megalith builders, the Glastonbury Zodiac, the Celts and Druids, the early Christians, the Arthurian traditions and the flowering of medieval art and architecture.

Highlights include:

Tours leave all year round, twice a day, usually at 10am and 2pm from April to September and by arrangement from October to March.

Glastonbury Tor Labyrinth (half day)

Tours of Glastonbury and surrounding areas

Glastonbury Tor labyrinth (photo Kevin Redpath)

Tours of Glastonbury and surrounding areasOn this special walking tour you thread your way round the labyrinth on Glastonbury Tor. The labyrinth probably dates back to the megalithic era when Stonehenge and Avebury were constructed. It is understood to be a classical Cretan labyrinth built for ceremonial purposes.

Threading this labyrinth involves walking along the sculpted sides of Glastonbury Tor which form the outline of the classical labyrinth. It is an experience in mindfulness and an opportunity to meditate on and resolve deep issues as one walks the labyrinth pathways.

This tour is for six or more participants and by arrangement. Please contact us for cost.

Cost of half-day Glastonbury tours

  • 1 person £80
  • 2 persons £90
  • 3 persons £100
  • 4 persons £110
  • 5 or more people – cost negotiable.

Plus entrance fees to Chalice Well and Abbey.

Cost of other tours

The price for each of the tours listed below is the total price. The per person price decreases according to the number of participants. For example, the cost of the tour for one person to the Stanton Drew Stone Circles is £150, for three people it would be £50 per person (plus small entrance fee).

Cadbury/Camelot ( 3 hours)

Cadbury Castle has the distinction of being the most likely site of King Arthur’s citadel Camelot. It is an impressive Celtic iron-age hilltop fort set in 21 acres of land, with spectacular stone and earth ramparts and commanding views to four surrounding counties.

It is said there once was a causeway that led across the Vale of Avalon to Glastonbury and that on Midsummer’s Eve the sound of horses’ hoofs and clanking armour can be heard as they ride out of the castle.

Tours leave all year round, on demand.

Cost: £140

Stanton Drew Stone Circles

Less than an hour from Glastonbury stand the impressive Stanton Drew stone circles. Comprising three circles and a cove, the great circle is the third largest in Britain. Dating back to the Neolithic period this is a special place off the beaten track and well worth a visit.

Tours leave all year round, on demand.

Cost: £150 total plus small entrance fee.



Crop Circles (full day)

Between mid-June and early August we offer tours from Glastonbury to the crop formations in South-West Britain. Tours are by arrangement – please contact Gothic Image for further details.

Cost: £290