To book tours of Stonehenge and Avebury, simply contact Jamie George at Gothic Image Tours. Mention the tour you’d like to do, the number of people in your group and your preferred dates. Jamie will then confirm arrangements, including final price and time and place to meet.

The price for each of the tours listed below is the total price. The per person price decreases according to the number of participants. For example, the cost of the tour for one person to Stonehenge is £160 + entrance fee, for four people it would be £40 per person (plus entrance fee per person).


Stonehenge (4 hrs) or Avebury Henge (5 hrs)

Stonehenge: England’s most famous monument and a testament to the scientific and engineering skills of our bronze age ancestors. This enigmatic site remains one of the great mysteries of the ancient world. As you absorb the energy of the temple of Stonehenge, we discuss theories behind its construction and purpose. Private access subject to availability.

Cost: £160 plus entrance – £13.90 pp


Silbury hillAvebury/Silbury: The world’s largest stone circle, built 5000 years ago. Avebury is a prehistoric complex and the megalithic capital of Britain. We walk around the awesome bank and ditch (henge) and wander the inner circles and the avenue. Nearby is Silbury Hill, the largest artificial mound in Europe, dating back to around 2400 BC. Its purpose and significance remain unknown.

Cost: £180


AveburyStonehenge and Avebury/Silbury (full day)

See and feel both of these spectacular megalithic temples in one day. The sites are an hour’s drive apart, yet from a global perspective, they resonate together. Their energies are quite different – Stonehenge is dramatic, a celestial temple, while Avebury is friendly, a place of the Earth Mother.

Both are set in the remarkable wide-open, un-earthly landscapes of the chalk downs of Wiltshire. This is a memorable trip. Private access to Stonehenge is subject to availability. Cost: £290


Tours of Stonehenge and Avebury

J.R Tolkien used to sit in the shade of these trees at Avebury. It’s easy to see their maze of roots as the inspiration for his intricate storylines.