DSC_6389“For the circle goes beyond time
And in the time beyond time
We dreamt a dream together
We saw with amazement
That everything we needed
Was contained within the circle”
Kathy,  Georgia, USA

Jamie is a wonderful guide – what I especially like is the way he places you in just the right spot at the right time and then steps back, completely out of the way, and lets you find your own relationship to each sacred place. Journeying with like-minded souls in these truly magical places, is worth every minute. Go whenever you feel the need for something to shift in your life – you won’t be disappointed and you may find something you never expected!
Kim, USA

An awesome adventure! Dawn, New York, USA

DSCN5809Thank-you for orchestrating so many heart centred soul-enriching special moments.
Kim, New York, USA

Wonderful leadership!  Rainer, New Zealand

Words of wisdom, special places,beautiful views, laughs, dancing, unforgettable moments. Amber, Manitoba,Canada

This was the first time I had travelled in a small group.  It was so much better than being on a large coach tour where you spend hours on a bus every day. Tours with Gothic Image are designed to capture and inspire your soul…I highly recommend them.  I have such fond memories of my trip in Scotland…thank you Jamie and Linda for putting so much effort into ensuring we all had a wonderful and amazing journey.
Julia, Australia

Thank-you for the wonderful journey – the many treasured memories will not be forgotten. 
Elaine, Seattle, USA

Thank-you so much for sharing your joy,wit and wisdom with the group. An unforgettable journey. 
Cindy, Michigan, USA

An amazing magical journey. Blessed Be.
Tracey, San Francisco, USA

There are no words that can express how thankful I feel for this life changing experience.  Michelle, Boston, USA

You took us through a sacred portal and created an incredible journey. My sacred journey continues.
Suzanne, Iowa, USA

Thank-you for sharing in our dream and helping to make it all wonderful.

Leslie, Toronto, Canada

The Sacred Scotland tour was a wonderful experience – loved travelling with Linda and the Tarot.
Barbie, Western Australia

Thank-you Jamie for sharing your heart – love of this place – caring for us so well. Namaste.
Agnes, Los Angeles, USA