Transformational travel through sacred landscapes

  • Pass through the veil of time on soul journeys to sacred sites in Britain and Ireland.
  • Experience the healing energy of sacred landscapes in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.
  • Commune with the ancestors in tours of Stonehenge and other ancient sacred sites.
  • Connect with your inner magician and transform your life in ways you never dreamed of.
  • Enjoy delicious food, warm hospitality and make lifelong friends.
  • Return home refreshed, renewed and inspired.

Step back in time

History, myth and legend take you back to a magical past in these lands which the Celts called ‘the Blessed Isles of the West’. Here is a living landscape awesome in its power, beauty and symbolism. Pass through the veil of time and follow in the footsteps of legendary figures such as Merlin, Arthur and Morgan le Fay.

On our soul journeys, we travel through some of the most beautiful parts of the British and Irish countryside, including places known only to a few. We visit holy wells, enchanted forests, stone circles, dolmens of the dead, fairy mounds, magical caves and sacred islands – all with a story to tell. What’s more, guests with specialist knowledge and insights into the history, myths and legends join us along the way. This is transformational travel at its best.

Treat yourself to a soul journey

In the company of kindred spirits, embark on one of our sacred site tours in Britain and Ireland. Leaving your everyday cares behind for a while, give yourself the time and freedom to explore your full potential. As one day melts into the next, guided meditations, quiet reflection, music, poetry, stories and ceremony gently move you from the physical to the spiritual world. And finally, a unique feature of our transformational travel experience is the way we invoke the power of the Tarot to reveal the link between your individual soul journey and the places we visit.

Relax in comfort

To sustain you on your soul journey, we provide comfortable, traditional-style accommodation. Meals are delicious and we do everything we can to ensure that your dietary requirements are met. And last but not least, as your tour hosts, we give you our undivided attention and expertise.

Pre-tour service

We love the sense of excitement and anticipation that builds from the moment people decide to embark on one of our spiritual travel experiences. They’re thinking about flights, what clothes to take, and maybe planning a few extra days in the UK or Ireland. This is where our excellent pre-tour service comes in. We can help you find the best flights, plan your extra days and generally answer any questions you have about getting ready for your journey.

For more information about our sacred sites tours in Britain and Ireland, follow the links below. And do take time to look through the testimonials from some of the many people who have travelled with us over the years.

We look forward to sharing one or more of these soul journeys with you.

With peace and blessings of the Earth Spirit.
Jamie and Linda