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<center>Jamie George in high spirits in the highlands!</center>

Jamie George in high spirits in the highlands!

Come on a soul journey and experience the energy and magic of ancient sacred sites. Absorb the spirit of place, reconnect with nature and the divine on a quest to find inner peace and renewal. In the company of kindred spirits, experience the wonder of personal transformation through travel.

Jamie George, director of Gothic Image Tours, has been guiding tours to the sacred and spiritual sites of Britain and Ireland for over 30 years. Linda Marson, Tarot reader and teacher, and founder of Global Spiritual Studies, joins some of the tours, bringing Tarot into the eclectic mix of experiences you can expect on a Gothic Image tour. “Anyone who’s been on a Gothic Image tour will tell you that it’s not only good for the soul, it’s good fun,” she says.

Check out these blogs for more insight into the Gothic Image travel experience:

Enchanted Ireland

Forest-100x100Ireland truly has a magic all of its own. Its prehistoric and historic sites are among the most spectacular in the world and the country is rich in folklore, fairytales, myth and legend. On this tour we journey to standing stones, holy wells, cromlechs, fairy forts, chambered cairns, Celtic churches, ancient crosses, round towers, beehive huts, Ogham stones, windswept islands and a multitude of ancient sacred shrines….Read more


From Avalon to Camelot – Tarot Magic in Merlin’s Britain

StonehengeMagician_crop Experience the energy of sacred sites and landscapes by following in the footsteps of Merlin, Morgan La Fey and King Arthur. Call in the spirit of Pamela Colman-Smith in rituals in stone circles in her beloved Cornwall. Sense how she felt as she created the iconic images in the Waite-Smith deck.Through Tarot readings in sacred sites, gain insight into your own spiritual journey…readings whose messages will continue to unfold for years to come…..Read more


Sacred Scotland

ScotlandThumbnail“The roads and waterways I’ve travelled over the past two weeks can be traced on a map of Scotland. But there is no map of the inner landscape of memories, images and emotions that poured forth as the spirit of place in this timeless land led me home. I saw the remains of sacred sites, followed streams and waterfalls through fairy glens, lay atop a magic mountain and soaked up the sun and the breeze of a fairy tale landscape”, ” says Linda Marson….Read more


From Avalon to Camelot – September 2017

Experience the energy of sacred sites and landscapes by following in the footsteps of Merlin, Morgan La Fey and King Arthur. Explore Glastonbury, the ancient Isle of Avalon – the Tor, Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey and the Druid oaks of Avalon – Gog and Magog. Listen for whispered messages Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel, at Stonehenge and at Avebury…Read more


The Beauty of Israel – Ancient and Modern

Are you interested in seeing Israel for yourself, rather than accepting what you see and hear in the media? If so, this 12-day tour is for you. With an English-speaking guide, you travel on a private bus to the most beautiful sites of historical and religious importance in the Holy Land as well as nature reserves, hills and mountains. The tour ends in Tel Aviv, known for its architecture as the White City, to experience modern Israel…Read more

Practical considerations


If you are considering reserving a place on a Gothic Image tour, we do hope the following information will help with preparations and give you a good practical sense of what to expect on our journey together. On booking, you will receive full details pertaining to your chosen tour…Read more